Casappa MVP MVPD Series Axial Piston Pumps


Casappa MVP and MVPD variable displacement axial piston pumps have a swash plate design are are ideally suited for open circuit, mobile hydraulic applications.

The compact design allows Casappa MVP and MVPD to be mounted directly on engine motors. The new “MVPD” series allow higher flow rates than traditional pumps with the same dimension, higher machine speeds without affecting the design of the hydraulic system and a high power-to-dimension ratio.

Displacements from 0.85 in3/rev (14 cm3/rev)  to  5.17 in3/rev (84.7 cm3/rev).

  • Maximum peak pressure up to 5075 psi  (350 bar)
  • Maximum speed up to 3700 min-1
  • Exceptional working life expectancy
  • Low noise emission
  • Drive shaft bearing suitable for radial and axial loads
  • Multiple combinations
  • Short response time

Additional MVPD features:

  • Higher speed
  • Higher power -to-weight ratio
  • Cost-optimized design

Optional controls:

  • Minimum and maximum displacement limiter
  • Pressure compensator
  • Flow and pressure (load-sensing) compensator
  • Torque limiter
  • Electronic controls

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