Casappa Polaris PH Series Gear Pumps and Motors


Casappa Polaris PH series gear pumps and motors are built in three pieces with cast iron body; the new “PH” series is an evolution of the “POLARIS” series.

The Casappa Polaris PH series is ideal for forklifts, skid steer loaders and other applications where traditional aluminium pumps are being pushed close to their limits. The option to mate the body with the cast iron covers further reduces noise levels, in addition to increasing strength.

Displacements from 0.50 in³/rev (8.26 cm³/rev) to 2.01 in³/rev (33.03 cm³/rev).

  • Maximum peak pressure up to 4350 psi (300 bar)
  • Maximum speed up to 3500 min¹
  • High working pressure also for high displacements
  • Long service life
  • Low noise level
  • High volumetric efficiency also at high temperature
  • Inlet & Outlet optimization – High speed
  • Combination in multiple pumps
  • Built-in Valves simplify circuit design

Optional built-in valves:

  • Anti-cavitation valves
  • Maximum pressure relief valves
  • Priority valves
  • “Load sensing” priority valves
  • By-pass electric valves
  • Proportional relief valves
  • Reverse valves

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

Model SeriesMax Continuous PressureMax Continuous Pressure (bar)Displacement cm³/revMax Speed  min -1Min Speed  min -1
PH20 83600 PSI2508.263500500
PH20 10.53600 PSI25010.93500500
PH20 11.23600 PSI25011.233500500
PH20 143600 PSI25014.533500500
PH20 163600 PSI25016.853500500
PH20 183600 PSI2501.123500500
PH20 193600 PSI25019.093500500
PH20 203600 PSI25021.143500500
PH20 233600 PSI25023.323000500
PH20 24.53335 PSI23024.843000500
PH20 253335 PSI23026.423000500
PH20 27.82900 PSI20028.212500500
PH20 31.52900 PSI20033.032500500
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