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    Casappa Polaris PL Series Gear Pumps and Motors

    Casappa Polaris PL Series Gear Pumps and Motors


    Casappa Polaris PL series aluminium gear pumps and motors are built in three pieces with an extruded body in high resistance aluminium alloy.

    With a wide choice of shafts, flanges and ports, complying with all international standards (SAE, DIN and EUROPEAN), the Casappa PL series can be used in an infinite variety of applications.

    Displacements range from 0.07 in³/rev (1.07 cm³/rev) to 5.56 in³/rev (91.10 cm³/rev) available in groups 10, 20 and 30.

    Summary technical data is as follows:

    • Peak pressure up to 4350 psi (300 bar)
    • Continuous pressure up to 3770 psi (260 bar)
    • Intermittent pressure up to 4060 psi (280 bar)
    • Maximum speed up to 4000 min-1
    • High efficiencies
    • Integrated outboard bearings for heavy duty applications
    • Multiple units available in standard version, common inlet and separated stages
    • Electro-hydraulic fan drive system
    • Custom design

    View the ‘technical data’ tab for more details.

    Optional Casappa Polaris PL series built-in valves:

    • Anti-cavitation valves
    • Maximum pressure relief valves
    • Priority valves
    • “Load sensing” priority valves
    • By-pass electric valves
    • Proportional relief valves
    • Reverse valves

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

    Model SeriesMax Continuous PressureDisplacement cm³/revMax Speed  min -1Min Speed  min -1
    PL. 10.13770 PSI1.074000650
    PL. 10.1,53770 PSI1.64000650
    PL. 10.23770 PSI2.134000650
    PL. 10.2,53770 PSI2.674000650
    PL. 10.3,153770 PSI3.344000650
    PL. 10.43625 PSI4.274000650
    PL. 10.53625 PSI5.344000650
    PL. 10.5,83335 PSI6.23500650
    PL. 10.6,33335 PSI6.673500650
    PL. 10.82610 PSI8.513500650
    PL. 10.102030 PSI10.673500650
    Model SeriesMax Continuous PressureDisplacement cm³/revMax Speed  min -1Min Speed  min -1
    PL. 20.43625 PSI4.954000650
    PL. 20.6,33625 PSI6.614000650
    PL. 20.7,23625 PSI7.294000650
    PL. 20.83625 PSI8.263500650
    PL. 20.93625 PSI9.173500650
    PL. 20.10,53625 PSI10.93500650
    PL. 20.11,23625 PSI11.233500600
    PL. 20.143625 PSI14.533500500
    PL. 20.163625 PSI16.853000500
    PL. 20.192900 PSI19.093000500
    PL. 20.202900 PSI21.143000500
    PL. 20.24,52465 PSI24.842500500
    PL. 20.252465 PSI26.422500500
    PL. 20.27,81885 PSI28.212000500
    PL. 20.31,51885 PSI33.032000500
    Model SeriesMax Continuous PressureDisplacement cm³/revMax Speed  min -1Min Speed  min -1
    PL. 30.223625 PSI21.993000350
    PL. 30.273625 PSI26.73000350
    PL. 30.343480 PSI34.553000350
    PL. 30.383480 PSI39.273000350
    PL. 30.433335 PSI43.983000350
    PL. 30.513045 PSI51.832500350
    PL. 30.612755 PSI61.262500350
    PL. 30.732465 PSI73.822500350
    PL. 30.822320 PSI81.682200350
    PL. 30.902175 PSI91.12200350
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