Eaton Char-Lynn HP30 Hydraulic Motor


Featuring exceptional starting torque efficiency and two-speed capability, the Eaton Char-Lynn HP30 motor offers significant advantages over competitive radial piston and cam lobe designs.

  • A high pressure (5800 psi) and high flow (265 litres/minute) geroler motor
  • Displacement: 344 cm³/rev – 677 cm³/rev
  • Torque: up to 2893 Nm
  • Two-speed capabilities with the option of spring-applied hydraulic brake

By minimising no load pressure drop to less than 23 bar (333 psi) at 133 litres/minute in high speed mode, the Eaton Char-Lynn HP30 motor also reduces parasitic heat build-up – improving vehicle operating efficiency and reducing emissions. Common applications include compact tracked skid steer loaders, harvesters, augers, forestry equipment, grinders and mixers, horizontal/vertical drilling, material handling, metal forming, and sprayers.

Key features include:

  • High starting torque efficiency: the HP30 has an optimised eccentricity to improve starting torque efficiency without sacrificing overall torque capacity or endurance. Its geroler profile limits the amount of torque ripple leading to more starting torque efficiencies
  • Low no-load pressure drop (NLPD): the HP30 uses a disc valve to minimise fluid losses in the motor. Lower heat generation means smaller coolers and radiators, which allows more engine space for tier 4 and tier 5 requirements. Less wasted energy means lower system operating temperatures
  • Series circuit capability: reduces system costs when compared to parallel circuit designs

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