Dana Brevini H1V Axial Piston Pump


Dana Brevini H1V pumps are variable displacement, bent axis axial piston pumps. They are for use in open circuits and are available in both metric and SAE mounting flange version.

Their versatile design includes a lens shape valve plate and a variety of controls and shaft ends that will adapt the H1V series pumps to mobile and industrial applications. Heavy duty bearings permit high radial and axial loads.

H1V series pumps are available in 5 displacements from 54.8 cc/rev to 225.1 cc/rev: H1V 055 | H1V 075 | H1V 108 | H1V 160 | H1V 226

These pumps provide continuous pressure up to 350 bar (5100 psi) and 450 bar (6500 psi) peak.

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