Dana Brevini H1V PV Axial Piston Pump


Dana Brevini H1V PV pumps are designed for pumping and metering polyurethane components with viscosity of 1-2000 cSt, i.e. polyoils and isocyanates.

Their high repeatable delivery and accuracy of the metering makes these pumps suitable for use on injection systems.

H1 PV pumps are available in 3 displacements from 6.3 cc/rev to 30 cc/rev: H1V 6 PV | H1V 12 PV | H1V 30 PV HD

Continuous pressure is 250 bar (3625 psi) and peak pressure is 320 bar (4640 psi), with speeds of 300 to 1800 rpm.

The H1V PV pumps can reach higher casing pressures compared to standard units. All are tested using ISO VG 46 mineral oil and an external flushing circuit can be provided on the shaft seal to increase its life. The pumps are not supplied with a hand wheel as standard.

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