Duplomatic E5P4, E4P4 and E4R4 Directional Valves


The Duplomatic E4P4, E4R4 and E5P4 are 4-port, directional valves. They are available in either AC or DC configuration. The range allows for DC solenoids to be fed with AC power supply via the use of a rectifier bridge.

The valve range includes models with a high IP degree and products that are galvanised for corrosion resistance. High pressure versions (up to 420 bar) are available on request.

Potential controls for these valves include pilot operation, solenoid or hydraulic actuation (C4P4, C5P4). For products with flow rates up to 150 litres/minute for CETOP P05 and ISO 4401-05 sized sub-plates are used. Valves with flow rates up to 600 litres/minute require an ISO 4401- 08 sized sub-plate.

Key technical details of the E4P4, E4R4 and E5P4 range include:

  • Maximum flow rating: 600 litres/minute (158.5 gallons/minute)
  • Maximum pressure:  420 bar (6092 psi)
  • Number of ports: 4

For more specific product details download the Duplomatic E5P4 E4P4 E4R4 technical data catalogue >>>

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