Eaton 71392 72450 Medium Pressure Variable Motors


Eaton 71392 and 72450 series motors are medium-pressure, high speed variable axial piston motors.  These motors provide design flexibility and are suited to fit any application that requires continuous rotary motion at a remote location from the power source.

All variable piston motors are available with various configurations including displacement, output shaft, bearing assembly, port configuration, mounting flange and more.

Summary specifications for the Eaton 71392 motor are as follows:
  • 21 cc to 40.6 cc/rev maximum displacement;
  • Maximum rated speed: 3600 rpm at 17° control angle and 4500 rpm at 9°
  • Rated pressure: 210 bar continuous, 345 bar maximum, 370 bar maximum intermittent;
  • 126.4 litres/minute input flow;
  • Output power at rated speed and pressure 38.8kW at 17° control angle.

Specifications for the Eaton 72450 (and 742xx model) motor:

  • Maximum displacement 40 cc/rev (49 cc/rev);
  • Minimum rated speed: 4500 rpm at minimum stroke angle (4500 rpm);
  • Maximum rated speed: 3600 rpm at maximum stroke angle (3600 rpm);
  • Rated pressure: 210 bar (172 bar) continuous, 345 bar (310 bar) maximum, 345 bar (310 bar) maximum intermittent.

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