Eaton Vickers M Series Vane Motor


Eaton Vickers M Series motors are high-speed, high-pressure vane motors. They give years of reliable, powerful performance in a wide variety of applications and hydrostatic drives; providing efficient and economical means of applying variable speed and rotary hydraulic power.

These motors provide constant torque and include inlet/outlet ports that can be pressurised simultaneously whilst maintaining smooth operation.

A wide variety of displacements and torques are available in each of the 3 Eaton M series motors product families: M2U | M2-210 and M series: 25M | 35M | 45M | 50M:

  • 12 torque ratings from 4.7 to 33.9 Nm;
  • displacements from 21.6cc/rev to 317 cc/rev;
  • speeds from 400 to 3,600 rpm continuous, and 4000 rpm intermittent;
  • pressures up to 155 bar (2250 psi) continuous and 172 bar (2500 psi) intermittent.

A low break-out force also smoothes out the start-up speed allowing for Vickers M vane motors to be more forgiving to system pressure spikes. They can be stalled under load without damage when protected by a relief valve.

Other features and benefits offered by Eaton Vickers M vane motors include:

  • Dual-pressure plate increasing operational efficiency;
  • Diametrically opposed inlet and outlet chambers reducing wear;
  • Modular design permits greater serviceability;
  • Low inertia of rotating parts results in smooth operation;
  • Flange or foot mounting options allow for application flexibility.

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