Eaton Vickers Off-Line Filters


Eaton Vickers off-line filtration systems (also referred to as a kidney loops or recirculation loops) are typically found in systems with variable displacement pumps. They have many advantages.

Because the system is at a low pressure and the flow is continuous with little or no flow surges, economical low pressure filter housings can be used. As temperature control is necessary, heat exchangers can be used within the off-line system to achieve the necessary operating parameters.

An Eaton Vickers off-line filter can be:

  • used as the make-up point to add fluid to the system, ensure that only clean fluid is introduced to the system;
  • shutdown to change filter elements without securing the main system
  • used on gearbox applications to clean the fluid where there are no other lubrication circulation systems present.

The range of Eaton Vickers off-line filters comprises:

  • EPHHF Eaton portable handheld filter: flows to 15 litres/minute, pressures to 3.5 bar / 50 psi;
  • CCOFRS60 Clean Cart: flows to 38 litres/minute, pressures to 4 bar;
  • OLF15V Series off-line filter: flows to 19 lites/minute, pressures to 3 bar / 45 psi.

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