Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Filters

Eaton Vickers hydraulic filters have been extensively used for many years by engineers to develop, operate and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness to support reliable, high quality power and motion control systems

With a range of over 4000 product lines, Eaton Vickers hydraulic filters maximise efficient productivity, reduce equipment downtime, minimise safety hazards, prevent contamination-related failure and increase the life of system components.

Breather Filters:
Breathers protect hydraulic system by filtering out damaging moisture and particles. The Eaton Vickers range includes: BR110 | BR210 | MBR110 | MBR120

Pressure Filters: 
Pressure filters are used to protect downstream components from contamination levels beyond the recommended cleanliness target. The range of Eaton Vickers pressure filters includes: ECF | LV2P | LV4P | HF2P in line and subplate | MF2P | OFP H003/005 | HF4P in line and sub plate | HF3P | HF3PS side mount | DMP DIN | DHP DIN

Spin-on Filters:
Spin-on filters typically consist of a head mounted directly in-line with the return piping and a canister containing an element which screws onto a threaded post. The canister seals to the head to prevent leakage. Eaton Vickers spin-on filters include: OFRS 15 | OFRS 25 | OFSS 30 | OFRP 35 | OFRS 60 | HS 22 twin  

Return Line Filters:
Return line filters usually have spin-on type elements, cartridge elements in an in-line mounted housing, or cartridge elements within a housing that is mounted directly within the reservoir itself. Eaton Vickers return line filters: HV3R | HV6R | HV6RD Duplex | OFR 30 | OFR 60/120 | DLR DIN | LND Duplex

In-Tank Filters
In-tank filters are a special type of low pressure return line filters. They are mounted directly to the reservoir tank top and have an accessible head that is located outside of the reservoir while the body of the housing is located inside the reservoir. The exposed cover allows the element to be easily replaced as needed. Eaton Vickers in-tank filters include series: OFMT | OFRT | OFRM | ORF 1300 | DRT DIN | HF4RT

Suction Strainers 
Suction strainers filter coarse particulates to prevent pump damage. Eaton Vickers suction strainers include: OSS suction | OTM tank mounted | F Series inlet strainers

Off-Line Filters 
Off-line filtration systems are typically found in variable volume pump systems where system filters do not see continuous flow or where the return flow volume makes a return filter impractical. Eaton Vickers off-line filters include: EPHHF portable handheld filters | CCOFRS60 clean cart | OLF15V

For further information across the whole range you can download the Eaton Vickers catalogue here

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