Eaton Vickers Proportional Flow Valves


Eaton Vickers proportional flow valves give hydraulic systems an edge. External wiring placement inside the valve and an IP 65 & 67 environmental rating provide lower failure susceptibility and superior moisture resistance.

These valves have a rated pressure up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and rated flow up to 2160 litres / minute.

The amplifier is housed in a durable metal enclosure that is sealed against environmental contaminants. Reliable, rugged 7-pin electrical mating connectors are supplied as standard, providing easy access for test equipment.

Eaton Vickers proportional flow valves have factory preset integrated amplifiers. This eliminates any adjustment of gain, deadband compensation or dither required for separate card and valve combinations. They also eliminate the need for field adjustments and separately wired and mounted cardholders, so replacement valves can be fitted without adjusting the control signals.

An integrated proportional valve makes it easier to understand and install than previous models using separate drive amplifiers. The only electrical inputs required are a power supply and a voltage command signal.

Meanwhile on-board ramp adjustment enables onsite fine-tuning.

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