Eaton Vickers Slip-in Cartridge Valves


Eaton Vickers slip-in cartridge valves are designed for high-flow systems and to meet the demands of a new generation of hydraulic-operated machinery.

Cartridge valves are generally a good fit for systems that have complex, compact circuitry, and flow rates exceeding 150 litres/minute and working pressure above 210 bar.

Available in sizes NG 16 to NG 63, these Eaton Vickers valves are suitable for pressures up to 350 bar (5,000 psi) and for flows up to 5,000 litres/minute.

Additional features include:

  • Improved control of load-holding;
  • Lower pressure drops with less heat generation, providing greater machine efficiency;
  • Faster response time, enabling faster machine cycling for greater productivity;
  • Each cartridge can be tuned to reduce system shock, resulting in smoother machine operation;
  • Cartridges can be easily serviced without disturbing system piping, increasing machine uptime.

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