Eaton Vickers V Series Vane Pumps


Eaton Vickers V Series vane pumps are designed for medium-pressure industrial applications. Incorporating an industry-first, intra-vane cartridge design technology, these pumps provide long operating life, outstanding volumetric efficiency and excellent serviceability. Common applications include: presses, aerial booms, primary metals, industrial power units, material handling machines and plastic injection-moulding machines.

Their quiet 12-vane system and pressure-balanced, modular design reduces noise, extends life and improves serviceability. Vickers V series vane pumps are also cost–effective pumps providing volumetric efficiencies of more than 90% and sound levels as low as 62 dB(A) with operating pressures to 207 bar (3000 psi).

Compact size and ease of service allow maximum equipment design flexibility. Other features include a pressure-balanced, modular design reducing noise, extending life and improving serviceability.

Eaton Vickers V series pumps are available in single, double and thru-drive configurations with leading model code pre-fixes as follows:

  • Single pumps: 20V | 25V | 35V | 45V with displacements from 7 cc/rev. to 193 cc/rev.
  • Double pumps: 2520V |  2525V | 3520V | 3525V | 4520V | 4525V | 4535V with displacements from 7 cc/rev. to 121 cc/rev.
  • Thru-Drive pumps: 25VT | 35VT | 45VT with displacements from 33 cc/rev. to 193 cc/rev.

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