Emmegi HPAM Series Marinised Air-Oil Heat Exchangers


Emmegi HPAM heat exchangers are suitable for the cooling of hydraulic circuits and applications installed in aggressive, corrosive offshore marine environments – classified as C5 in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 12944:2018 standards or in environments with high humidity and salinity.

This entails a high resistance to corrosion of all surfaces in contact with environments classified as offshore where there may be indoor or outdoor installations such as: port facilities, offshore platforms, vessels, chemical plants and agricultural sites.

The entire range of exchangers is available with electric motors with IP55 protection and for the following three-phase voltages, at 50 and 60Hz: 230/400V 50Hz | 400/690V 50Hz | 265/460V 60Hz | 280/480V 60Hz | 460/795V 60Hz. A hydraulic motor version is also available.

The Emmegi HPAM series comprises: HPAM06 | HPAM12 | HPAM 18 | HPAM24 | HPAM30 | HPAM36 | HPAM42 | HPAM50 | HPAM52 | HPAM135 | HPAM180 | HPAM255

Options include:

  • Fan motor type: AC 230-400V 50Hz / 265-460V 60Hz – 280-480V 60Hz – 400-690V 50HZ / 460-795V 60Hz | for group 2 motors: 6cc, 8cc, 11cc, 14cc, 21cc |  for group 3 motors: 38cc, 44cc
  • Fixed thermostat: 40-28° | 50-38° | 60-48° | 70-58° | 80-68° | 90-78°
  • Ventilation: suction air flow / blowing air flow.

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