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Emmegi SpA is a leading Italian designer and manufacturer of heat exchangers and hydraulic oil coolers. The company boasts a comprehensive product range, supporting industrial machinery, mobile and construction machinery, air compressors, diesel engines and hydraulic systems alike.

Emmegi products are used for the cooling of hydraulic systems, endothermic engines (water circuit, intercooler circuit), electrical and electronic components, fluid treatment plants and systems.

Extensive experience and investments in sophisticated technology combine to ensure the development of highly efficient heat exchangers that can satisfy growing market requirements. The company produces both inline and offline cooling units. All equipment is designed to achieve optimal heat exchange performance.

The Emmegi cooler range comprises: ATEX coolers, marinised coolers, AC and DC fan-driven coolers, hydraulic fan-driven air blast coolers, mobile and offline air-blast cooling units and water cooled heat exchangers.

emmegi hydraulics

Emmegi air-oil heat exchangers cool hydraulic circuits by using a fan, driven by an electric or hyraulic motor, to convey ambiant air over the radiator. Water-oil heat exchangers are normally installed in return lines.

The Emmegi cooler range also includes the HPAM Series heat exchanger – developed for offshore and marine applications where environmental conditions are particularly hostile and corrosive. Meanwhile the HPAX Series is suitable for use in dangerous environments where the use of explosion-proof equipment is a must.

Emmegi coolers

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Emmegi Product Range

Emmegi 2000KBV

Emmegi KBV Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Emmegi KBV Series are highly efficient air-oil exchangers with optional built-in by-pass. The wide number of combinations available means that…

Emmegi Drain 2000K

Emmegi 2000K Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Emmegi 2000K series air-oil heat exchangers can be AC-driven, DC-driven or driven by a hydraulic motor. These Emmegi coolers pass…

Emmegi HPA Compact

Emmegi HPA Compact Series Air Blast Coolers

Emmegi HPA 24 Compact series air blast coolers have an AC motor and provide: heat removal to 6 kW/°C the…

Emmegi HPA Larger

Emmegi HPA Larger Series Air Blast Coolers

The Emmegi HPA – Larger Series – is an AC fan-driven air-blast oil cooler providing: heat removal removal to 6.5…

Emmegi HPA

Emmegi HPA Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Emmegi HPA series air-oil heat exchangers can be AC-driven, DC-driven or driven by a hydraulic motor. The entire range of…

Emmegi HPA TK

Emmegi HPA TK Series Heat Exchangers

Emmegi HPA TK series air-oil heat exchangers are used exclusively for the cooling of concrete mixers. The entire range of…


Emmegi HPAM Series Marinised Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Emmegi HPAM heat exchangers are suitable for the cooling of hydraulic circuits and applications installed in aggressive, corrosive offshore marine…

Emmegi HPAX

Emmegi HPAX Series ATEX Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Emmegi HPAX (HPԐX) series ATEX certified heat exchangers combine excellent performance with safety in dangerous environments. These products are suitable…

Emmegi HPV Cooler Heat Exchanger

Emmegi HPV Series Air-Oil Heat Exchangers

Emmegi Drain HPV air-blast coolers are available with electric motors with different IP protection degrees and various voltages, both single-phase…


Emmegi News and Insights

How to size a hydraulic oil cooler

Did you know that overheating is second in the list of most common problems with hydraulic equipment? (Leaks rank first.) As a means of power transmission, hydraulics have many advantages, but overall efficiency is NOT one of them.

Discover Emmegi’s top tips for sizing a hydraulic cooler.

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