Euro Press Pack CGG#P Cylinder – Load Return


The Euro Press Pack CGG#P Cylinder is a load return cylinder suitable for high tonnage loads and long periods of support. This cylinder features a lock nut that can be screwed down onto the cylinder body to hold the load mechanically, ensuring increased safety when operating under load. This product does not come with an end of stoke nut.

Further, the cylinder is machined with concentric groves on the end of the rod to aid the grip on the load and features lifting eyelets to increase the ease of transportation. From 50 ton force and upwards, the cylinders are plunging type (P version) and are equipped with a system preventing potential over-stroke. For additional safety, the rod has a coloured zone that becomes visible 10mm before the end of the piston stroke.

All models can operate at up to 8% of normal capacity with an off-centre load.

Technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack CGG#P:

  • Force: 30-500 tons
  • Stroke: 25-300 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


The Euro Press Pack CGG#P is ideal for operations in the construction industry, for example: bridge repairs and maintenance of heavy structural work. The cylinders are treated with an anti-corrosion applicant, preparing them for use in harsh and challenging environments.

As this model comes without an end of stroke nut, it is only suitable for applications where the operator can observe the coloured band on the piston, indicating the maximum extension.


  • The T version cylinder features an integrated tilt saddle
  • The F version has mounting holes at the base for fixed application
  • The N version, available from 50 ton and upwards, complies with ANSI B30.1. jacks.
  • The M version cylinder has a spring return system. This is also available on N Version cylinders up to 150 tons.


The Euro Press Pack CGG#P can be accessorised with the ZTT tilt saddle in order to reduce the effects any possible off-centre load.

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