Euro Press Pack CGS#D Cylinder – Load Return


The Euro Press Pack CGS#D Cylinder is a telescopic load return cylinder suitable for compact applications where there is limited space. This product is manufactured with a double stroke cylinder.

The high telescopic expansion limits the maximum off-centre side load to 3%.

Technical specifications of the Euro Press Pack CGS#D:

  • Force: 5-50 tons
  • Stroke: 100-300 mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


The CGS#D is best applied in situations where its compact design maximises the use of limited space. The telescopic extension allows the for a long stroke without having large overall dimensions.

Users should note the important requirement to lower the pressure inside the cylinder before disconnecting the quick coupler. Practicing this avoids problems re-inserting if lowering the load. In the case that pressure persists it is possible to use the KTS38 apposite tool in order to lower the pressure in the couplers.

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