Euro Press Pack CMF#N Cylinder – Spring Return


The Euro Press Pack CMF#N is a spring return cylinder manufactured  with a smooth, hollow saddle. The cylinder body, rod and bottom are threaded to facilitate the opportunity to fit accessories. The end of stroke nut has a wiper seal which prevents dirt from penetrating the inside of the cylinder. Cylinders are also coated with an anti-corrosive treatment which is effective in protecting the central bore. The CMF#N is designed to resist any possible rod deformation.

All Euro Press Pack cylinders are fully accredited to ISO 9001-1996 and, more recently, ISO 14001-2008; these certifications testify to the company’s commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. They also assure quick delivery times.

Technical specifications of the The Euro Press Pack CMF#N:

  • Force: 10-100 tons
  • Stroke: 8-160mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 700 bar


The CMF#N cylinders are recommended for applications in extraction pulleys, bushes and heat exchangers. They can be used in a context of both pulling and pushing either with a bar or a cable threated through the hollow saddle. These cylinders are also supplied with the UE pullers.

Optional equipment:

  • ZTE threaded saddle allows for the fitting of threaded bars, usually for extractors (UEC / UEG / UEZ / UET series).
  • L Version cylinder is also available as an aluminium derivative of this product for reduced weight.

Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

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