Hawe BWN and BWH Directional Seated Valves


Hawe BWN and BWH valves are comprised of several type WN or WH valves, that are connected in parallel.

When configured as ball valves there is zero leakage in the closed state. They are attached to sub-plates, which are are clamped between the inlet section (P and R port) and the end plate via tension rods. Employing a valve bank version allows for pressure switches or pressure-limiting valves to be integrated into the pumps and/or consumer lines.

Both 2/2 and 3/2- valves, or when combined 3/3 and 4/3, are available. The Hawe BWN and BWH can be mounted directly to compact hydraulic power packs using connection blocks and adapter plates for flange-mounting, offer integration with pump units or other valve types. This modular concept provides an energy-efficient solution in connection with hydraulic accumulators.

Key technical specifications of these valves include:

  • Maximum pressure: 350-450 bar
  • Flow rate: 8-30 litres per minute

Common applications include: machine tools (chipping and non-chipping); rubber and plastic machinery; mining machinery and oil production.

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