Hawe CQ, CQR and CQV Throttle Check Valves


Hawe CQ, CQR and CQV throttle valves are designed to affect the flow rate for single and double-acting consumers. This is a range of slotted valves, meaning they are insensitive to micro-contamination. The CQR is a resistor check valve, and the CQV combines the function of a flow and a check valve.

This range regulates flow in one direction and permits freedom of movement in the other direction. The double spindle sealing enables leakage-free adjustment when under pressure.

These valves can be screwed-in and can be integrated into control blocks and the necessary mounting holes are straightforward to machine if required.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe CQ, CQR and CQV series include:

  • Maximum pressure: 700 bar
  • Flow rate: 50  litres / minute

Common applications include speed regulation in hydraulic lifting devices.

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