Hawe CR Switch Valve


The Hawe CR valve is a switch unit – it combines the functions of a directional seated valve with a pressure valve and check valve. It controls dual stage pumps –  a combination of high- and low-pressure pumps – in bottom and top ram presses. The low-pressure circuit and the high-pressure circuit are combined for rapid movement.

If the low-pressure value is reached, the CR valve switches the low-pressure circuit into circulation and the high-pressure pump carries out the pressing action. The release acts automatically for smooth and gentle switching and it initiates surge-free decompression that relieves the press. In the closed state the switch unit has zero leakage means there is no pressure drop.

The valve configuration means the valve can be attached directly to MPN and RZ series hydraulic power packs.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe CR valve include:

  • Maximum (high) pressure: 400 bar
  • Maximum (low) pressure: 60 bar
  • Flow rate (high pressure): 8-20 litres/ minute
  • Flow rate (low pressure): 80-160 litres/ minute

Common applications include:

  • Machine tools (presses)
  • Woodworking and processing machinery
  • Printing and paper technology
  • Foodstuff and packaging machinery

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