Hawe CWS Series Directional Spool Valve


Hawe CWS directional spool valves are directly actuated and have binary (open/closed) activation. Multiple directional valves can be combined in series in the CWS valve bank. A range of connection blocks and mounted blocks offer additional options for a wide range of applications.

The CWS valve bank is used mainly in mobile hydraulics. In stationary hydraulics, the direct mounting on the compact hydraulic power pack results in an extremely compact system solution – this robust design makes the Hawe CWS suitable for a long service life. One valve can be utilised for multiple applications due to numerous control functions, whilst a modular system design with numerous variants also allows for diverse combination possibilities.

Technical specifications of the Hawe CWS valve include:

  • Flow rate: up to 80 litres per minute
  • Maximum pressure: 315 bar (steel) and 210 bar (aluminium)
  • Combination of up to 10 segments in a bank
  • Comprehensive modular system with shock/suction valves, pilot-operated check valves, load holding valves

Common applications include:

  • Municipal trucks
  • Machines for forestry and agricultural purposes
  • Elevating work platforms
  • Industrial vehicles and construction machines

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