Hawe H, HD and HE Series Hand Pumps


Hawe H and HE series hand pumps are single acting, drawing in oil in one direction and pumping it in the opposite direction.

The Hawe HD pump is double acting – it pumps and draws in the same quantity of oil in the pressure line during the forward and backward movement of the hand lever. All three pumps are designed to be both sturdy and corrosion-resistant, configured with zero-leakage pressure connections. They are also available for pipe connection and manifold mounting.

Summary technical specifications are as follows:

  • Hawe H pump: displacements 6-14.7 cc/rev; maximum pressure 150-350 bar
  • Hawe HD pump: displacements 13-30 cc/rev; maximum pressure 150-350 bar
  • Hawe HE pump: displacements 3-4 cc/rev; maximum pressure 600-800 bar

Common applications for these pumps include: marine, mining equipment, fixture design, test facilities and laboratory facilities.

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