Hawe HICON Water-Resistant Hydraulic Power Pack


The Hawe HICON is an encapsulated hydraulic power pack. The enclosed system design gives protection against temporary submersion in water following an IP67 protection rating. The pump module integrates a gear pump and a brushless motor. Rotation can be reversed, facilitating reversion without requiring a directional valve. Versatility is also aided by horizontal or vertical installation potential.

The HICON has numerous systems to monitor its status when running. An integrated temperature switch protects the motor from overloading. Pressure-limiting valves prevent maximum pressure being exceeded if the consumer travel is blocked, and thermal overpressure will also be mitigated.

This power pack operates on DC at 12V or 24V. It can be run for short operation in S3 mode and continuous operation in S1 mode. The Hawe HICON has CANbus intelligent control functionality, compatible with J1939 standards.

Summary technical specifications of the Hawe HICON include:

  • Maximum pressure: 170 bar
  • Displacement: 0.5 cc/rev

Common applications include:

  • Speedboats, jet skis
  • Agricultural machinery, construction machinery, commercial vehicles
  • Industry
  • Other decentralised, mobile applications

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