Hawe HR Series Mini Hydraulic Power Pack


The Hawe HR series is a mini hydraulic power pack equipped with an internally pressurized radial piston pump. A reversing function is possible by changing the motor’s direction of rotation without the need for a directional valve. The power pack is suitable for nominal operating mode S2 (short period operation) and S3 (periodic intermittent operation)

The motor is protected from overloading with a built-in temperature switch. A round, transparent tank with an G 1/4“ filling screw serves as the hydraulic fluid reservoir. Versatility is increased with AC and DC compatibility, alongside the potential for vertical and horizontal installation orientations.

Summary technical specifications of the Hawe HR series include :

  • System pressure: 200-210 bar
  • Flow rate : 0.6 – 1 litre/ minute

Common applications include:

  • Automotive technology
  • Commercial vehicle technology
  • Recreational crafts
  • Construction machines
  • Decentralised hydraulic controls

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