Hawe HSF Proportional Spool Valve


The Hawe HSF valve is a proportional directional spool and manifold mounting valve. It controls the direction and velocity of flow in hydraulic consumers (individual or multiple) actuated simultaneously.

Due to the robust design and steel housing, this valve can reach operating pressures of up to 400 bar. Adjustable threaded throttles are used to adjust the response time and allow for smooth switching. Harsh switching operations and decompression surges, particularly in the event of high pressure and large consumer volumes, can be avoided this way.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe HSF inlcude:

  • Maximum pressure: 400 bar
  • Flow rate: 80-160 litres/ minute

Common applications include:

  • Mining machinery (incl. oil production)
  • Cranes and lifting equipment
  • Construction and construction materials machinery
  • Material handling (industrial trucks, etc.)

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