Hawe K61N Axial Piston Pump


The Hawe K61N is an axial piston pump designed for open hydraulic circuit, operating upon the bent axis principle. The K61N is mainly fitted to the power take-off on commercial vehicle transmissions.

The pump is optimised for continuous operation in challenging applications, with a long lifetime of service easily expected. The K61N has been specialised to produce low noise emissions and minimised heat generation to increase refinement indoors or in enclosed environments. This pump is optimised for a high power to weight ratio and a slim design to fit applications in tight spaces.

Technical Specifications of the Hawe K61N:

  • Displacement: 12.6-108 cc/rev
  • System pressure:  400 bar
  • Peak pressure: 400 bar

Common applications:

  • Municipal trucks
  • Fire trucks
  • Loading cranes and elevating work platforms
  • Tipper trucks and skip trucks
  • Suction dredgers and sewer cleaning vehicles

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