Hawe PM and PMZ Pressure-Reducing Valves


Hawe PM and PMZ valves are types of proportional pressure-reducing, or pressure control, valves. They remotely control the pressure in hydraulic systems continually and electrically.

These valve types are directly actuated valve with a piston and are controlled electro-proportionally. They maintain a constant pressure on the secondary side, independent of the inlet side. The PM type is available as a single valve whilst the PMZ is a twin valve. Both valve types offer a compact design. Numerous configurations options and explosion-proof versions are available too.

These proportional pressure-reducing valves are particularly suitable for use as a pilot valve for actuators.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe PM and PMZ series include:

  • Working pressure: 30 bar
  • System pressure: 40 bar
  • Flow rate: 2 litres per minute

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