Hawe Pressure Control Valves

Hawe pressure control valves influence the system pressure in a specific, pre-determined manner by altering the throttling cross-sections with the aid of mechanical, electrical or hydraulic movements.

The range includes pressure-limiting valves, pressure-reducing valves, switching valves and load-holding valves:

Pressure-limiting valves are a type of pressure control valve that safeguard the system against excessive system pressure or limit the operation pressure. Pre-load valves, also called sequence valves are a type of pressure control valve. They generate a largely constant pressure drop between the inlet and outlet on the valve. In the opposite direction the flow can pass freely. In the normal position the valve has minor leakage. The Hawe range comprises: MV, DMV, DMVN, MVCS, MVE, MVEX, MVG, MVGC, MVP, MVS, SV, SVC, SVX, CMV, CMVX, CMVZ, CSV, CSVZ, DV, DFE, DVE, PG, PV, VR, PMV, NPMVP, PMVP, PMVPS, PMVS, MVA, MVB, MVD, MVF, MVH, MVJ, MVK, MVT, MVU, MVZ, SVP, SVR, PDV and PDVE series.

Pressure reducing valves maintain a largely constant outlet pressure even at a variable (higher) inlet pressure. The Hawe range comprises: ADC, AM, ADM. ADME, VDM, VDX, CDK, CLK, DK, DE, DLZ, DZ, PM, PMZ, PDM, PDMP, FB and KFB series.

The range of Hawe directional valves comprises: CNE, LE, LV, AVZ, DSV, DSVP and CDSV series.

Load-holding valves, also known as over-center valves or counterbalance valves are a type of pressure control valve that prevent loads on cylinders or motors dropping in an uncontrolled manner. They are pre-loaded with a pressure setting that is higher than the largest possible load. A hydraulic piston controls the opening of the valve to achieve the required lowering velocity. The Hawe range comprises: CLHV, LHDV, LHK, LHT, LHTE and OSCA series.

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