Hawe SWS Directional Spool Valve


The Hawe SWS valve is a directional spool valve – it controls the direction and the velocity of flow in single and double-acting hydraulic consumers.

This valve is available with series connection and consumers which can be operated with on-off or proportional control independent of the load. The Hawe SWS is suitable for use in constant pressure systems. Different ATEX- rated versions within this valve series allow for usage in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The directional spool valve bank can be flexibly adapted to different control tasks – thanks to additional functions in the pump line, in the intermediate plates (longitudinal and sandwich valve combination), and an extensive range of ancillary blocks. The compact and extremely space-saving dimensions of this valve type mean it is possible for it to be configured for mobile systems usage, in particular within civil engineering, agricultural engineering and material handling. Usage within forklift trucks, with lifting modules, is also viable.

Key technical specifications of the Hawe SWS series are as follows:

  • Maximum pressure: 315 bar
  • Flow rate: 25 litres per minute

Common applications include: material handling, wind turbines, construction and construction materials, handling and assembly technology and municipal trucks

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