Hawe BVG and BVP Cone Seated Valves


The Hawe BVG and BVP are directional valves designed to be totally leak-free when closed. These valves have an explosion-proof design and are used to open and close one or more hydraulic flow paths. The ports are connected and disconnected by lifting or applying a sealing element. These valves employ an 8 watt solenoid.

The directional seated valve type BVG is installed directly in the pipe and the type BVP are valve designed for manifold mounting. Both variants are specifically cone-seated valves, available in 2/2, 3/2, 3/3 and 4/3-way configurations, with different types of actuation are available. All connections can be subjected to the same pressures.

Common applications include machine tools, woodworking and processing machinery, testing machinery and jig construction.

Technical specifications of the Hawe BVG and BVP valves include:

  • Maximum pressure: 400-700 bar
  • Flow rate: 20 litres / minute

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