Hawe V60N Axial Piston Pump


The Hawe V60N is an axial piston pump designed for open hydraulic circuits. The V60N operates on the swash plate principle and is optimised for mobile hydraulic circuits. Thru-shaft compatibility enables the pump to work in tandem with other pumps.

A large selection of potential pump controllers allows the V60N axial piston pump to be used in a broad spectrum of usage. The pump is optimised for fitment to the power take-off on commercial vehicle transmissions. A high power-to-weight ratio and a slim design makes the V60N practical for operations where space is restricted.

Technical specifications of the Hawe V60N:

  • Displacement: 60-130 cc/rev
  • System pressure: 350-400 bar
  • Peak pressure: 400-450 bar

Common applications:

  • Municipal trucks
  • Fire trucks
  • Loading cranes and elevating work platforms
  • Tipper trucks and skip trucks
  • Suction dredgers and sewer cleaning vehicles

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