Hydac FZP , MFZP, KFZP and MKFZP pumps are direct drive vane-type pumps – no bell housing or coupling is required. They are available in 3 sizes and have a compact construction.

The FZP pump is the standard version and the MFZP has a flanged motor. Meanwhile, the KFZP motor has a friction bearing and the MKFZP has a flanged motor.

The FZP pump has an internal pressure relief valve. Maximum nominal pressure is 10 bar; suction pressure at the port is -0.4 bar, maximum.

The Hydac MFZP pump has a flanged motor. The diesel filing pump is a MFZP with a DC drive for rapid and simple re-pumping of diesel fuel. It can be permanently installed in mobile work machines such as excavators, paver finishers, rollers, forestry machines and cranes. Flow rates are 5 – 50 (80) litres/minute; voltage is 12v DC or 24v DC.

Dual friction bearings mean that pressures of up to 16 bar are possible with the Hydac KFZP pump. Its continuous shaft means a fan or additional pumps can be attached.

Finally, Hydac MKFZP pumps can be mounted directly on to the B5 motor flange system. Again, pressures of up to 16 bar are possible because of the pumps’ shaft friction bearings.

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