Hydac Hydraulic Pumps

Hydac hydraulic pumps are used in a broad variety of hydraulic applications and systems worldwide

The range of axial piston, gear and vane pumps comprises fixed and variable displacement pumps, from 0.25 cc/rev to 560 cc/rev with pressure ranges up to 400 bar:

  • Axial piston pumps, open circuit in swashplate design: PPV100 | PPV101 | PPV102 | PPV103;
  • PGE series external gear pumps in 4 different sizes, and multiple pump combinations;
  • PIGI100 | PIGI101 | PIGI103 | PGI102 internal gear pumps, and multiple pumps combinations from 3.8 to 250 cc/rev;
  • Open circuit, fixed or variable displacement vane pumps: PVF100 | PVV100 | PVV101 | PVV102;
  • Direct drive series vane pumps: FZP (standard) | MFZP (flanged) | KFZP (friction bearing) | MKFZP (flanged);
  • Low noise series vane pumps, with dampened bell housing: VPB | VP | VPBM

Please contact us if you cannot see the Hydac hydraulic pumps that you need – we’ll still be able to help!