Hydac PPV103 Axial Piston Pumps


Hydac PPV103 pumps are light duty axial piston pumps with a swash plate design. They are for use in open circuits.

They are available with displacements from 10 cc/rev to 145 cc/rev:

PPV103-10 | PPV103-16 | PPV103-22 | PPV103-37 | PPV103-56 | PPV103-70 | PPV103-90 | PPV103-145

Rated pressure across the range varies from 160 bar to 250 bar, peak pressure varies from 160 bar to 250 bar. Minimum drive speed is 600 rpm, maximum drive speed is 1800 rpm.

Pressure control, load sensing control, constant power control and flow rate control are available.

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