Hydac PVV102 Vane Pumps


The Hydac PVV102 pump is a direct acting variable displacement vane pump with mechanical compensation for use in open circuits.

It is available in 4 nominal sizes with displacements from 17 cc/rev to 123 cc/rev:

PVV102-05-16 | PVV102-1-20 | PVV102-1-25 | PVV102-1-32 | PVV102-2-40 | PVV102-2-50 | PVV102-2-63 | PVV102-3-80 | PVV102-3-100 | PVV102-3-120

Operating pressure ranges from 90 bar to 120 bar, maximum drive speed ranges from 1500 rpm to 1800 rpm.

The pump is also available as a multiple pump, and pressure control is an option.

Download the Hydac PVV102 Technical Catalogue >>>

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