Hydac RS 220 Open Centre Directional Valves


The Hydac RS 220 valve is a sectional, open centre valve, that is well suited to mobile applications where excellent control is needed.

The valve is available with 1 to 10 working sections per valve assembly and is designed with an open centre for fixed pumps, and a restricted open centre for variable displacement pumps. It is available with electro-hydraulic or hydraulic proportional remote control, but the valve can also be manually operated.

The electro-hydraulic proportional version, in particular, offers a compact design with internal pilot oil supply, solenoids integrated into the valve body and integral hand levers for manual override/manual operation.

Thanks to specially designed spools, the RS 220 offers excellent operating characteristics for many different applications. Low and uniform spool forces are the result of careful balancing of the flow forces.

Key technical specifications of the Hydac RS 220 include:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 300 bar
  • Flow rate: 80 litres per minute

Common applications for this valve include: cranes and scissor-lifts, excavators, telescopic load handlers, skid-loaders and wheel loaders. Note that the Hydac RS220 valve series can also be fully adapted for marine applications.

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