Hydac Mobile Valves

Hydac mobile valves provide the ideal solution for all mobile applications

The comprehensive range includes sectional and monoblock directional control valves, front loader valves, load-sensing and counterbalance valves.

Sectional directional control valves

Hydac sectional directional control valves are available with 1 to 10 sections and 3/8″, 3/4″ or 1/2″ ports. They have rated nominal flows from 10 to 180 litres/minute and maximum operating pressures of 350 bar. The valves are available with manual, cable, pneumatic, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic spool controls. The range comprises: RS 160 | RS 210 | RS 220 | RSQ 240 | RS 270 | RS 280 | DX-6 

Monoblock directional control valves

Directional control monoblock valves with 1 to 4 and 6 sections in 1/2″ and 1″. These Hydac mobile valves are for applications with rated flows up to 160 litres/minute and operating pressures up to 300 bar. Spools are optimised for different applications. The valves are available with manual, cable, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and optional electr- hydraulic spool controls: RM 230 L | RM 270 L

Front loader valves

These Hydac mobile valves have two-way and three-way functions for flow rates from 20 to 160 litres/minute at a maximum of 350 bar, depending on the application. There are many spool and control options, which can also be combined with suspension modules: RV 360 selector valve | RMB 202 directional control valve.

Load-sensing valves

Hydac directional control valves available with 1 to 10 sections and with rated nominal flow from 10 up to 200 litres/minute and maximum  operating pressure of 420 bar. These valves are available with manual, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electronic control units: modular manifold systems and LX-6 load-sensing valves

Counter balance valves

Hydac counter balance valves are direct-acting poppet valves with an integrated check valve which enables a jerk-free movement on the part of consumers in the presence of over-centre loads. The range comprises: RS08 | RS08-50 | RS10 | RS16 | RSM10121 | RSM12121 | RSM16121 | SBDR-08 | SBVE08021 | SBVE16021

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