Hydac SB Standard Bladder Accumulators


Hydac SB bladder accumulator consists of a fluid section and a gas section with the bladder acting as the gas-tight separation element. The fluid around the bladder is connected to the hydraulic circuit so that the bladder accumulator draws in fluid when the pressure increases and the gas is compressed. When the pressure drops, the compressed gas expands and forces the stored fluid into the circuit.

The full Hydac SB range comprises models:

  • SB330 | SB400 | SB500 | SB550 | SB600 – these accumulators comprise the pressure vessel (seamless, high tensile steel), flexible bladder with gas valve, and the hydraulic connection with check valve.
  • SB330N: maximum operating fluid flow rate is increased to 25 litres/second on this accumulator, thanks to the optimised design of the standard oil valve
  • SB330H: high flow, high performance accumulators with a flow rate of up to 30 litres/second. The fluid connection is enlarged to allow higher flow rates

Key summary technical data across the range is as follows:

  • Nominal volume: 0.5 to 200 litre
  • Pressure range: 330 |  400  |  500 bar
  • Standard temperature range: -10°C to +80°C

Hydac SB bladder accumulators can be used in a wide variety of applications including: energy storage, emergency operation, force equilibrium, leakage compensation, volume compensation, shock absorption, vehicle suspension and pulsation damping.

Download the Hydac standard bladder accumulator data sheet >>>

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