Hydreco QX5 Gear Pumps


Hydreco QX5 series pumps incorporate helical gear technology to give the highest performance with low noise levels.

The helical gears reduce flow and pressure ripple effects to significantly reduce generated noise. Meanwhile, large diameter shafts and bearings combined with rigidly aligned cast iron housings ensure that high performance levels and maintained in arduous, long life applications.

Fomerly made under the names of Hamworthy and then David Brown Hydraulics, Hydreco QX5 pumps have displacements from 23 cc/rev to 68 cc/rev.

The Hydreco QX5 model codes, pump sizes and available displacements are: QXP**-5023 | QXP**-5026 | QXP**-5027 | QXP**-5029 | QXP**-5033 | QXP**-5036 | QXP**-5037 | QXP**-5041 | QXP**-5046 | QXP**-5051 | QXP**-5056 | QXP**-5063 | QXP**-5068

Across the series, rated pressures range from 190 bar to 250 bar (2755 to 3625 psi), while peak pressures range from 215 bar to 280 bar (3118 to 4060 psi). Rated speeds is 2500 rpm, maximum speed is 3000rpm and minimum speed is 400 rpm.

Pumps can be supplied as single, double, triple or quadruple units.

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