Italgroup G and GD Series Motors


Compact – High Speed Single and Dual Displacement Radial Piston Motors

Italgroup G and GD motors have 9 radial pistons and offer high speed in a compact design – in both single ( G series) and double (GD series) displacement types.

The series comprises: G20 | G27 | G34 | G50 | G75 | G90 | G100 | GD100 – offering displacements ranging from 20cc/rev to 100cc/rev.

Other features include:

  • fixed & dual displacement
  • speed of up to 2400 rpm
  • high cavitation resistance
  • free-wheeling operation

Click on the “Model Codes and Technical Data” for more details on the full range of Italgroup G and GD series motors.

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Download the Italgroup G & GD Series Technical Catalogue >>>

Italgroup G Series Technical Data
MotorSize (cc) Torque (Nm/bar)Max. Cont. Pressure (bar)Max. Int. Press (bar) Max. Peak Pressure (bar)Max. Cont. Speed (rpm) Peak Speed (rpm) Max. Cont. Power (kW)Max. Power (kW)Dry Weight (kg)


Italgroup GD Series Technical Data
MotorMin. Size (cc) Max. Size (cc)Max. Cont. Pressure (bar)Max. Int. Press (bar) Max. Peak Pressure (bar)Max. Cont. Power (kW)Max. Power (kW)Dry Weight (kg)
GD 10031 - 5050 - 100250275350486025
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