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    Italgroup HC Series Motors


    Swivel Cylinder – Single Displacement Radial Piston Motor

    Italgroup HC (High Cavitation) series motors are single displacement crankshaft radial piston motors.

    High rotation speed and compact size combine with high torque to deliver unique weight/power ratios and motors that also deal easily with freewheeling – emerging unscathed even after lengthy periods of operation.

    The range comprises: HC05 | HC 1 | HC2 | HC3 | HC5 series motors in displacements ranging from 40cm³ to 2000cm³ (cc/rev) – click on the ‘Model Codes and Technical Data‘ tab for full details.

    The HC series is suitable for a vast number of applications including: marine and offshore equipment, winches, conveyors, plastic injection moulding machines, steel bending machines, fork lift trucks, skid-steer loaders, dumpers, agricultural and forestry machinery, municipal vehicles and airport equipment.

    Features of the Italgroup HC motors series include:

    • fixed displacements
    • high volumetric and mechanical efficiencies
    • very smooth running at low speeds
    • high starting torque and constant torque
    • high freewheeling and cavitation resistance
    • wide speed range
    • compact design
    • low maintenance and high reliability
    • bi-directional
    • high radial and axial force
    • optional speed sensor and built-in valves

    Click on the “Model Codes and Technical Data” for more details on the full range of Italgroup HC motors.

    Contact us for further technical details and configuration options.

    Download the Italgroup HC Series Technical Catalogue >>>

    Italgroup HC Series Summary Technical Data
    MotorSize (cc) Torque (Nm/bar)Max. Cont. Pressure (bar)Max. Int. Press (bar) Max. Peak Pressure (bar)Max. Cont. Speed (rpm) Peak Speed (rpm) Max. Cont. Power (kW)Max. Power (kW)Dry Weight (kg)
    HC05 40400.6225032035012001400162530
    HC05 60600.9725032035012001400253530
    HC05 75741.225032035012001400325030
    HC05 90911.425032035010001300325030
    HC05 1101151.842503203508501100355530
    HC05 1301292.052503203508501100355530
    HC05 1501512.42503203508501100355530
    HC05 1751662.652503203507501000355530
    HC05 2001913.042503203507501000355530
    HC05 2502263.6250320350600800355530
    HC1 100981.5725032035011001250406034
    HC1 1501542.452503203507001000406034
    HC1 1751732.742503203507001000457534
    HC1 2002003.2250320350600900457534
    HC1 2502433.88250320350600800507534
    HC1 3002894.61250320350550700507534
    HC1 3303155.01250320350450650507534
    HC2 2001933.06250320350120015007510553
    HC2 250251425032035095011507510553
    HC2 3003054.842503203508009507510553
    HC2 3503485.522503203506508007510553
    HC2 4004246.762503203506008007510553
    HC2 5004937.842503203505207007510553
    HC2 60056692503203504806507510553
    HC2 6506249.922503203504406207510553
    HC3 3503525.62503203506408008513092
    HC3 4004266.782503203506008008513092
    HC3 5004867.732503203505007008513092
    HC3 6005959.472503203504506008513092
    HC3 70068910.982503203504206008513092
    HC3 80079212.62503203504005508513092
    HC3 90087213.92503203503605258513092
    HC3 100098815.72503203503105008513092
    HC5 80080812.6250320350350470100150178
    HC5 1000104016.2250320350320470100150178
    HC5 1200119018.5250320350320430100150178
    HC5 1300134020.9250320350320430100150178
    HC5 1500146422.8250320350300380100150178
    HC5 1600163525.4250320350280350100150178
    HC5 1800181628.3250320350280350100150178
    HC5 2000201031.3250320350220280100150178
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