MP Filtri LMP 902 903 Low & Medium Pressure Filters


MP Filtri LMP 902 and LMP903 filters have a working pressure of 20 bar (290 psi) and flow rates up to 3000 litres/minute.

They are for mounting in-line and their large filtration surface makes them suitable for off-line filtration of filtration equipment and reservoirs. They
are directly connected to the lines of the system by hydraulic fittings.

LMP 902 has 4 flter elements CU900 and LMP 903 has 6 filter elements CU900 -designed in accordance with DIN 24550 regulations.

Features of MP Filtri LMP 902 and 903 filters include:

  • Vertical mounting
  • Test pressure: 3.5 MPa (35 bar)
  • 4” flanged connections, for a maximum flow rate of 3000 litres/minute
  • Fine filtration rating
  • Water removal elements, to remove the free water from the hydraulic fluid
  • Bypass valve, to relieve excessive pressure drop across the filter media; opening pressure 350 kPa (3.5 bar) ±10%
  • Vent ports, to avoid any air trapped in the filter entering the system
  • Drain ports, to remove the fluid from the housing prior to maintenance
  • Visual, electrical and electronic differential clogging indicators
  • Seals: standard NBR, series A | optional FPM, series V
  • Temperature: from -25 °C to +110 °C
  • Head: anodised aluminium
  • Housing: anodised aluminium
  • Manifolds: welded – phosphatised steel
  • Bypass valve: steel

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