MP Filtri SF2 250 – 350 Suction Filters


MP Filtri SF2 250 – 350 suction filters have a semi-submerged positive head, flow rates up to 160 litres/minute, threaded connections up to 1 1/2” BSP/NPT/SAE and 1 1/2″ SAE 3000 psi flanged connections.

SF2 250 and SF2 350 filters have an integrated shut-off valve to protect the downstream pump against coarse contamination. They are placed below the minimum oil level and are directly connected to the suction line of the pump – on the side or below the tank, allowing a more flexible design.

The filter shut-off valve closes automatically when the cover is removed so that the filter element to be replaced without any fluid loss.

Features of MP Filtri SF2 filters include:

  • Female threaded connections up to 1” and flanged connections up to 1 1/2”, for a maximum flow rate of 160 litres/minute
  • Multiple connections, to connect several suction lines
  • Bypass valve, to relieve excessive pressure drop across the filter media; opening pressure 30 kPa (0.3 bar) ±10%
  • Magnetic column, to hold the ferrous particles
  • Visual, electrical and electronic clogging indicators
  • Seals: standard NBR, series A | optional FPM, series V
  • Temperature: from -25 °C to +110 °C

Filter housing materials

  • Filter body: aluminium
  • Cover: polyamide, GF reinforced
  • Valve: polyamide, GF reinforced – steel
  • Anti-emptying valve: steel

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