Parker Denison T6CCZ Pumps – Cardan Mounting


Parker Denison T6CCZ pumps are designed for Cardan mounting. The double row ball-bearing and a needle-bearing double the permissible radial load compared to standard versions.

Other features and benefits of Parker Denison T6CCZ pumps are:

  • Flow rates from 10 to 100 ml/rev.
  • Wide speed range: 400 to 2800 rpm
  • Low noise levels
  • Mounting in up to 32 positions
  • High mechanical  and volumetric efficiency, typically 94%, reduces heat generation and speeds down to 400 rpm at full pressure
  • Double lip vane concept increases resistance to particle contamination.
  • Low ripple pressure, ± 2 bar, reduces piping noise and protect other components in the circuit.

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