Parker DG Motor – Medium Duty Brake Motor 


The Parker DG Series is a rugged, low speed, high torque orbital brake motor for heavy duty applications.

This motor consists of a mechanical drum brake mounted integrally to the Parker TG series motor. The compact size, reliable holding capacity and easy installation make it suitable for the propulsion systems on many turf, agricultural and other vehicles.

The brake is available with either vertical or horizontally applied levers. The vertical style has fixed brake pads, while the horizontal version has floating brake pads that can be adjusted as required over the life of the brake. Both versions are for static applications only.

The entire powertrain is continually washed in cool, high flow fluid to assure long life. Roller vanes and sealed commutator maintain high efficiency and provide smooth low speed performance.

Parker DG series motors are available in 14 displacements from 141 cc/rev to 960 cc/rev: DG0140 | DG0170 | DG0195 | DG0240 | DG0280 | DG0310 | DG0335 | DG0360 | DG0405 | DG0475 DG0530 | DG0625 | DG0785 | DG0960

Features and benefits include:

  • Intermittent pressures to 4000 psi
  • Intermittent torques to 12,600 lb-in
  • Dynamic side load maximum capability at key: 3600 lb
  • Reliable holding capacity
  • Mechanical brake with hub, shaft size 1.25 inch
  • Vertical or horizontally applied levers for brake actuation
  • Robust construction for longer life
  • Superior side load capability
  • Continuous oil flow across internal splines for longer life
  • Smooth extra low speed operation
  • High pressure shaft seal as standard
  • Innovative design eliminates case drain

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