Parker HP2 Tandem Pump – Variable Displacement, Closed Loop


The Parker HP2 pump is a variable displacement, closed loop tandem piston pump. It comprises two independently controlled over-centre, piston pumps on a single drive shaft. They are housed in a compact reservoir with a filter and associated valving.

HP2 pumps are available with a displacement of 11.5cc/rev (HP2-12) or 16cc/rev (HP2-16). Their speed range is 1800 rpm to 3600 rpm, and intermittent pressure is 2600 psi.

Parker HP2 pumps are a complete hydrostatic pumping system. They consist of:

  • Two independently controlled, variable displacement, over-centre piston pumps
  • Single input drive shaft
  • 2.83 litre integral reservoir
  • Shock and/or check valves
  • Integral 20 micron filter
  • Integral system cooling fan
  • Direct drive possible, eliminate belts, pulleys


  • SAE “B” two bolt mounting flange
  • Weight: 15.4kg with oil
  • Fluid viscosity: 9 cst minimum
  • Fluid filtration: 20 micron
  • Charge pump displacement: 3.2 cc/rev
  • Operating temperature range: -29°C to 104°C (-20°F to 220°F)

Other features and benefits include:

  • Single input, 20 mm Double D drive shaft
  • Charge pump
  • Vertical or horizontal input shaft capability

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Download the Parker HP2 Technical Catalogue >>> 

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