Parker R5U Pressure Unloading Valve, Pilot Operated


Parker R5U  valves are pilot-operated pressure unloading valves. They are particularly suitable for unloading a circuit at low pressure even under high flow conditions; a typical application is the unloading of pumps in an accumulator circuit.

The R5U valve has a similar design to the subplate mounted R4U series. Its SAE flanges allow direct mounting on the outlet flanges of pumps to achieve a very compact design.

These valves have a maximum adjustable pressure of 350 bar and flow capacity ranging from 90 to 600 litres / minute. Other features and benefits of Parker R5U valves include:

  • Optional vent function for unpressurised circulation
  • Sophisticated pilot stage design – reduces pressure overshoot and cracking flow to a minimum, thus reducing heating, power and production losses in high pressure operation
  • Design combines a poppet type seat valve with the pilot control – precise adjustment and quick response to eliminate pressure variation and system shocks
  • 3-port body with SAE61 flange
  • 4 sizes (SAE ¾”, 1″, 1¼”, 1½”)
  • 3 pressure stages
  • 3 adjustment modes: hand knob | acorn nut with lead seal | cylinder lock
  • Optional vent function

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