Poclain PW / PWe Axial Piston Pumps


Poclain PW pumps and PWe pumps (with electronics) are high performance, variable displacement axial piston pumps with a swashplate design.

These compact pumps are reactive, efficient and robust.

PW and PWe pumps provide a continuously variable flow rate between zero and maximum in forward and reverse direction. Flow rate is proportional to rotation speed and swashplate angle.

These pumps also have a charge pump (to keep the closed loop circuit pressurised and avoid cavitation), and high pressure relief valves and a control pressure cut-off valve.

Poclain PW and PWe pumps are available in 3 frame sizes from 85.2 cc/rev to 115 cc/rev: PW-085 | PWe-085 | PW-096 | PWe-096 | PW115

Maximum continuous speed ranges from 3250 to 3650 rpm, with intermittent speeds of 3850 rpm. Continuous maximum pressure is 400 to 450 bar, with intermittent pressure at 450 to 500 bar.

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